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Infant Nasal Congestion - Common Causes of Your Baby's Nasal Congestion

An infant who is having trouble breathing because of nasal congestion is tough to watch. Too young to understand how to clear the nose by blowing, and unable to tell you just how he's feeling, it's a frustrating time for many new parents. Here are several common causes of infant nasal congestion, suggestions for dealing with them, and a solution that can help reduce the frequency of congestion. The common cold is well named because it does occur so frequently. One of the best ways to help your infant avoid congestion that comes with a cold is to take steps to prevent it. Keep hands, toys, crib railings as clean as possible. Avoid, as best you can, close interaction with other children who are contagious (sneezing, coughing, runny noses) as your infant's immune system is not strong enough to fight off the germs. When colds happen, and they will, clear baby's nose with a nasal bulb syringe. This can provide instant relief for your baby in a non-invasive way. And relief for your baby means piece of mind for yo...


Better Baby Health - Five Ways to Insure a Healthy Baby

Raising a healthy baby has always been a big responsibility, and probably even more so today with the wealth of information available to us. It is sometimes difficult to know what choices will ultimately mean better health for your baby. By focusing on 5 major categories, your choices will become clearer thus easier to make.Food--Select foods that are organic, not to be confused with the term natural. The label of natural means different things to different companies, and is nebulous in terms of genetic engineering, pesticide, and chemical exposure. Organic foods have a label certifying that they have not been genetically engineered and that pesticides, antibiotic use, and chemicals have not been part of the process. Bypassing the chemicals, pesticides, and antibiotics will give your baby a head start down the road toward good health. Not mention, that organically grown foods generally taste better, and will encourage your baby to eat foods just because they taste so good.Water--Choose a water filter for drin...


Child Bowel Obstruction Remedies

Baby constipation is a really typical cause of concern for parents. Young children will often have a lot of variations in the regularity, appearance or consistency of their movements. It can be really easy to understand if you're concerned about this, especially if you are a first time parent.Breast fed babies poop less often as the majority of the breast milk they drink will get absorbed and digested by the body. Some of them encounter hard stools the very first time when shifting over from breast milk to a cows milk based formula or maybe the changing of formulas can result in the uncomfortable symptoms. When it is in powdered form, never press down on it if you are measuring it to prepare. It could make the milk more concentrated and cause more deposits accumulate in the colon, which would be extremely difficult for a little infant with a delicate digestive system to process. Therefore please do not pack the powder when you are making the formula.Consider carefully using a baby enema syringe. Apply petrole...


Military Scrapbooking Ideas For Armed Forces Personnel And Their Families

Being in the military is a lifestyle all its own. You might be a service personnel or the parent, spouse or child of someone in the armed forces. The military life touches everyone who loves someone serving in any one of the service branches whether it is the Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force, or National Guard. Military scrapbooking ideas all start with how the military life affects you. Scrapbooking Ideas for Military Personnel As a member of the armed forces, you will want to preserve and document your military experience. Recording your memories of your service years is important not only for yourself, but also for your children and future generations. Your years in the service are not only personal, but they document our national history as well. You might have served in a war or responded to a national crisis. Preserving your memories of those experiences will tell others your first-person account of a moment in history. Items to Include In Your Military Scrapbook Your service documents including your ...


A military book for your kid

Military life for most parents and their kids is a nightmare. It is impossible for any military family to stay put in one region for long. There's generally the chance that those parents working within the military need to change stations, which in most instances means moving to a distinctive barracks. The worst case scenario is when the parent is deployed to a various country. Such deployments commonly last for much more than a year and it means leaving your family behind. Those affected most are usually the children. These youngsters experience conflicting emotions, a sense of loneliness and helplessness. How then can parents within the military help their child cope with military life?With the turn of the century, many military parents tried to find ways to help their families cope with the sudden changes that the military life brought. It did not take these parents long to understand that what most children lacked were examples of children of their age who had undergone the same experience. It is said tha...


D-Day's 70th Anniversary

"People of Western Europe, the hour of your liberation is approaching. All patriots, men and women, young and old, have a part to play in the achievement of final victory. This landing is but the opening phase of the campaign of Western Europe. Great battles lie ahead. I call upon all who love freedom to stand with us now."According to the History Channel, this was the recording broadcasted by Dwight D. Eisenhower on June 6, 1944, also known as "D-Day". On this day in American history, both British and American troops descended upon Normandy Beach in France in order to halt the German expansion in Europe. Fortunately, on August 25 of that year, the Allies liberated France, and later liberated Europe as a whole. The battle at Normandy was known as the "key to victory," and this past weekend, we celebrate D-Day's 70th anniversary. Even almost a century later, D-Day, part of "Operation Overlord," was the "largest amphibious invasion of all time," since Allied forces took to both land and sea when it came to swar...


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